Locations and Technology

The Hand-in-Hand Group boasts fourteen locations throughout Guyana, from Corriverton to Anna Regina in the Essequibo all linked by the latest in real-time customer service Information Technology.

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Regulatory Authority

Hand-in-Hand is licensed to operate under the Insurance Act 1998 by the Commissioner of Insurance whose office exercises oversight into all practices of the company. Hand-in-Hand Mutual Life Assurance Company Ltd. is proud to be the first company in Guyana to be registered under the recently passed Insurance Act.


  • Deloitte¬†Chartered Accountants
  • Solomon and Parmessar¬†Chartered Accountants


  • Cameron and Shepherd
  • Hughes, Fields and Stoby


  • Republic Bank Guyana Inc.
  • Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Ltd.
  • Bank of Nova Scotia
  • Citizens Bank Inc.
  • Demerara Bank Ltd.
  • Lloyds Private Banking Ltd. (UK)
  • RBC Dominion Securities (Toronto)

Consulting Actuaries

  • Apex Consulting Ltd.

Medical Advisor

  • Dr. Janice Imhoff


  • USA, London and Lloyds premier rated underwriters