Hand-in-Hand Mutual Fire Insurance Co. Ltd. (HIHF)

HIH Fire was established in 1865 as the first indigenous insurance company, and holds the distinction of being the most dominant Property Insurer in Guyana.

HIH has grown rapidly as a group. In 1995, it sought to develop synergies towards becoming a fully-fledged financial services provider by acquiring a 15% stake in Citizens Bank Guyana Inc. Hand in Hand has also expanded its local presence through its acquisition of 67% of GCIS in 1998. This investment gave rise to a strong relationship with Citizens Bank with mutual rewards that persist today. In 2002, with this serving objective in mind, Hand in Hand acquired 90% of the shareholding of GNCB Trust Corporation (now renamed Hand in Hand Trust Corporation Inc).

Hand-in-Hand Fire offers a complete range of Property, Accident, Marine, Liability and Motor Insurance including performance and bid bonds.

Hand-in-Hand Mutual Life Assurance Co. Ltd. (HIHL)

HIH Life was established in 1966, coinciding with Guyana’s Independence. The Life Company, prior to 1991 concentrated on mostly Individual Life business. In 1991, attention was directed towards the development of another line of business, Group Insurance (Life, Medical, Pension). This line of business grew rapidly. Resources were directed towards enhancing the capabilities of this new section.

HIHL is now a leading provider of Group Insurance in Guyana. Of recent HIH Life has been making big strides in the Individual Life market as well. HIHL offers a complete range of Life Insurance, savings, investment type, whole of Life and Endowment policies, and pension administration.


Hand-In-Hand viewed the 1998 acquisition of 67% of the ownership of GCIS as beneficial for two reasons; first, as a move in pursuance of its corporate objective of providing efficient, adequate, modern and affordable insurance service. Second, the GCIS acquisition made HIH by far the biggest provider of Motor insurance in Guyana enabling the Group to translate its economies of scale into superior customer service and price advantages. GCIS is now a premier name in Motor and Property Insurance.

Hand in Hand Trust Corporation Inc. (HIHT)

In December 2002, HIH acquired 90% of the shareholding of GNCBT from the Government of Guyana and renamed it ‘The Hand-in-Hand Trust Corporation Inc.’ HIH viewed this acquisition as a key move in pursuance of its corporate objective of providing a total package of financial services. It saw the acquisition of the shares of GNCBT as the basis of synergy between this trust company and the other members of the Hand-in-Hand Group.

HIHT has been modernized and shows strong growth and profitability. HIHT offers a comprehensive range of trust services, savings accounts, pension administration, property management, mortgage financing, commercial loans, cambio and safety deposit boxes.

The Mutual Principle – The Hand-in-Hand mutual companies are owned by their Participating Policyholders, a large cross-section of Guyanese. Anyone can become a mutual policyholder simply by taking out a Participating Policy (one that qualifies for a share of the ownership and profits of the company. There are no other proprietary interests. The Board of Directors that manages each company is elected from amongst its Participating Policyholders.